Recycled Pallets in Warrington

As a recycled pallets supplier, at Eco Pallets & Wood Fuels Ltd we are a family run business that ensures high quality products for all clients. We are focused on customer satisfaction and spend time getting to know your needs and requirements. Our team are based in Warrington and have 80 years of combined experience in the industry. We specialise in the manufacture of wooden pallets as well as custom made to order pallets as well as packing cases.

The team are extremely loyal to what they do and strive to make your business life as simple as possible. We aim to understand your ethos and aims, making sure we can provide the perfect products for you.

To find out more about the recycled pallets we provide across Warrington, please call us on 01942 571 824.

What We Do

We recycle and supply pallets, using these to produce pallets as well as fuels made from wood.

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Our Domestic Services

Any customer of ours will be treated with integrity and respect which is something that means a lot to us. There is a 100% satisfaction on our quality, range of delivery options, and the transparent payment system we use.

For more details about the recycled pallets we offer, call one of our team members today or visit our what we do page.

Who We Are?

We are an eco pallets & wood fuels supplier.

What We Do

We offer competitive prices and a range of high quality products.

100% Recycled

We use recycled materials within our manufacturing process.

High Standards of Quality

The team at our business work hard to ensure that specifications and standards are always archived. This ensures that quality is always paramount to the success that we achieve and that our team work safely. The recycled products we offer ‘don’t cost the earth’ in price as well as impact on the environment.

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For further details about the recycled pallets we offer for sale in Warrington, please call us on 01942 571 824 or feel free to fill in our contact form.