Recycled Manufacturing Materials in Warrington

Doing our best to save energy and money is always important, as a business and as a member of the public. At Eco Pallets & Wood Fuels Ltd we use recycled materials within our manufacturing process to create new products. This not only helps the environment but also uses far less energy. If you add up costs such as seeding trees, transport, labour, planting trees as well as harvesting, it can be cheaper to use products that are recycled.

Alongside this, additional savings on energy are made because less energy is needed to refine, extract and process raw materials.

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Thinking About Everyone

When the team carry out recycling, the recyclable materials are reprocessed to become new products. Because of this, the number of excess rubbish item sent over to landfills reduces considerably.

Overall there are 1,500 landfill sites around the UK and these are responsible for powerful greenhouse gas methane emissions in the UK. As a result, we all need to begin to cut carbon and think about our environment in the future.

Who We Are?

We are an eco pallets & wood fuels supplier.

What We Do

We offer competitive prices and a range of high quality products.

100% Recycled

We use recycled materials within our manufacturing process.

Putting Our Planet First

By recycling you save energy but you can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. This can help to reduce climate change and make a difference. Currently, recycling in the UK is estimated at around 18 million tonnes of CO2 each year. This is the equivalent of removing 5 million cars from our roads.

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