Eco Wood Fuels in Warrington

With more than 80 years of combined experience as a eco wood fuels supplier, at Eco Pallets & Wood Fuels Ltd we offer competitive prices and a range of high quality products. We recycle and supply pallets, using these to produce pallets as well as fuels made from wood. Our team are able to collect all waste pallets, cable reels, sawdust, packing cases and clean timber off-cuts and place them immediately back into recycling production.

The products we offer are all graded for quality and we ensure that customer service is always our focus.

For more information, please call us on 01942 571 824 for eco wood fuels in Warrington.

100% Recycled

Doing our best to save energy and money is always important, as a business and as a member of the public.

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About Our Eco Wood Fuels

There are pallets of different shapes and sizes available. These include two way, euros, and four way. We manufacture any packing case and pallet to your requirements and take the time to get to know your needs. Our team can deliver, collect, sell and buy in packing cases and pallets. Both clean and damaged timber can be recycled and we have full trailers available for on-site collection of pallets on a weekly and daily basis. Additionally, wood skip exchanges when these are full is also available.

Who We Are?

We are an eco pallets & wood fuels supplier.

What We Do

We offer competitive prices and a range of high quality products.

100% Recycled

We use recycled materials within our manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Eco Wood Fuels

At our site near Warrington we manufacture all eco wood fuels with the name Quicklite. These items are turned into 100% recycled and bagged dry kindling. This has a low moisture content and is ideal for lighting BBQs, stoves and garden heaters.

Any remaining wood waste is then placed into our onsite shredding and briquette plant. It provides long lasting and quality briquettes which can be used as every day fuel. Our team always try to make sure that the environment around us in helped which is why we do not send any timber to a landfill.

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